Mar. 19th, 2011

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I had so much fun making wisecracks in the previous movie, that I wanted to watch this one. Sadly, there weren't many wisecrack opportunities in this one, so it was mostly boring.

I don't like Bella. It helps her character that she's mostly reasonable and nice, but I don't really care for her. I like Jacob over Edward, but he does have anger management issues so he's not particularly daydream-worthy.

I didn't like how the movie ended by killing off a minor character. She was so minor of a character that she had no name. (If she did have a name, I don't remember it being mentioned in the movie.) For such an insignificant character, it was ridiculous how the movie dramatized her death. It was a pointless death, and while lots of movies have pointless deaths, the way this one was setup for the very end left me with a sour aftertaste.

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I'm notoriously forgetful about which movies/books I want to see/read, so I've made this list to help me remember. The order does not indicate priority or preference; I just remembered the movies/books in this order.

Movies ) Movies I've Seen ) Books )

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments. :)


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