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I watched this movie last night. Graphically, it was very pretty. However, I felt its presentation was mediocre at best. I was annoyed with the narrator at the beginning and near the end of the movie. The narrator's voice was fine, but for some reason, the way the narrator was used to present the movie in the beginning really irritated me. I practically rolled my eyes when I heard the narrator again near the end of the movie because it didn't seem necessary. Surely the audience could figure out what was going to happen without the narrator telling them.

I understand that writing a movie version of a comic book is particularly difficult since a lot of information has to be compressed into a one to two-hour movie. Yet the whole point of a movie is to watch the story unfold, not to be told the story as if it was an audio book.

Maybe the movie could have started with a different scene to pull the audience in a bit better. The backstory could have been shown in flashbacks instead of having a narrator explain what was going on at the start and end of the movie. Some of the dialog could have been re-worked to make the movie less corny. There was only one scene I liked, and it had to do with the main character's secret identity and his love interest. That particular scene was not bad and was refreshingly original.

Overall, the movie seemed unpolished and rushed for some reason. It's kinda disappointing since it's the first Green Lantern movie produced. I feel sorry for all the Green Lantern fans that were really looking forward to this movie since it's clear they got shafted. :/


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