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I watched this movie last night. Graphically, it was very pretty. However, I felt its presentation was mediocre at best. I was annoyed with the narrator at the beginning and near the end of the movie. The narrator's voice was fine, but for some reason, the way the narrator was used to present the movie in the beginning really irritated me. I practically rolled my eyes when I heard the narrator again near the end of the movie because it didn't seem necessary. Surely the audience could figure out what was going to happen without the narrator telling them.

I understand that writing a movie version of a comic book is particularly difficult since a lot of information has to be compressed into a one to two-hour movie. Yet the whole point of a movie is to watch the story unfold, not to be told the story as if it was an audio book.

Maybe the movie could have started with a different scene to pull the audience in a bit better. The backstory could have been shown in flashbacks instead of having a narrator explain what was going on at the start and end of the movie. Some of the dialog could have been re-worked to make the movie less corny. There was only one scene I liked, and it had to do with the main character's secret identity and his love interest. That particular scene was not bad and was refreshingly original.

Overall, the movie seemed unpolished and rushed for some reason. It's kinda disappointing since it's the first Green Lantern movie produced. I feel sorry for all the Green Lantern fans that were really looking forward to this movie since it's clear they got shafted. :/

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I had so much fun making wisecracks in the previous movie, that I wanted to watch this one. Sadly, there weren't many wisecrack opportunities in this one, so it was mostly boring.

I don't like Bella. It helps her character that she's mostly reasonable and nice, but I don't really care for her. I like Jacob over Edward, but he does have anger management issues so he's not particularly daydream-worthy.

I didn't like how the movie ended by killing off a minor character. She was so minor of a character that she had no name. (If she did have a name, I don't remember it being mentioned in the movie.) For such an insignificant character, it was ridiculous how the movie dramatized her death. It was a pointless death, and while lots of movies have pointless deaths, the way this one was setup for the very end left me with a sour aftertaste.

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I didn't know what to expect in this movie since I didn't remember much from the book. The background music wasn't as good as the music composed for Prince Caspian. The story felt like a bunch of small TV episodes strung together rather than a united whole.

I still enjoyed the movie even though it wasn't as great as Prince Caspian and some aspects of the story were changed to make it more interesting for the audience. I wished there were more Narnian creatures though. Most of the cast was human except for a minotaur sailor, Reepicheep (a mouse), and a few fauns. I guess it makes sense that there were a limited amount of Narnian creatures; most of the movie is located on a ship at sea. I still missed the griffins, though.


Dec. 29th, 2010 09:04 am
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I finally finished watching Inuyasha and all four Inuyasha movies. The last Inuyasha series I have to watch is Inuyasha: The Final Act, and that won't be out until sometime in 2011. My thoughts:

  • I was disappointed in the Shichinintai (Band of Seven). I expected them to last longer somehow and/or be more interesting. The Inuyasha fanfics I read have truly expanded upon this group far more than the anime series.
  • The filler episodes, while amusing at times, were a little boring.
  • Seasons 1-3 were the best.
  • Unfortunately, some of the best episodes about Sesshoumaru are in the later seasons.
  • The Inuyasha Movie 3 (Swords of an Honorable Ruler) was my favorite Inuyasha movie. It also had the best story out of the four movies.
  • The Inuyasha Movie 4 (Fire on the Mystic Island) was the most disappointing movie. I expected more out of it. Some of the things that happen in the movie were too cliché or unbelievable. For example, why would Kikyou drop her only weapon to the ground when she was stuck on the island that still had enemy youkai (demons) on it? It doesn't make sense! >_>

Anyway, I know I'll be getting the Inuyasha: The Final Act DVD set once it is out. I don't know if it will be any good, but hopefully the storyline will be more exciting since they have to wrap up all loose ends in one season.

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I haven't seen the original TRON movie, so I didn't know what to expect in this remake. It was an enjoyable movie even though it was a bit cliché and predictable. I could predict what was going to happen ahead of time, but it was a good kind of predictability similar to the Avatar movie.

The only thing that annoyed me during the movie was how hard the dialog was to understand above the background music. I saw the main character's mouth move, but the dialog was muffled and hard to understand in comparison to the sound effects or background music. I'm not sure if it is the movie's fault or a technical problem with the movie theater.

I'd like to get the soundtrack for this movie. Like Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia, this was one of the movies I knew I wanted the soundtrack for right when I heard it.

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I hated the TV trailers for this movie. The TV trailers actually convinced me not to watch this movie in theaters since it made Sherlock Holmes look like some old fashioned version of James Bond (the movie version). Now, James Bond movies have good action scenes, but character development and story fall flat. The trailers for Sherlock Holmes made me think that the movie was just like a James Bond film: good action scenes, but terrible character development and bad story.

Another reason why I didn't like the trailers was because I read one Sherlock Holmes book when I was a kid. I loved the book. To me, the trailers did not match up to my memories of the book.

So when I sat down to watch the movie, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the story and character development weren't all that bad. I'm still not won over with the movie version of Sherlock Holmes, but I thought Dr. Watson was cool and the storyline was pretty good.

Though why did the only female lead character have to be a criminal?!

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I saw New Moon on DVD a few days ago. It was definitely not as good as the first movie. Oddly enough, I enjoyed watching it because I was making jokes about it while watching it with [ profile] aslan294 and his brother. Such as:

  • Why do the guys drive Bella home with her truck? Why doesn't Bella drive since she's perfectly capable of driving herself?!
  • Then when they arrive at Bella's house, they park her car and then walk or run away? (Leaving the truck behind.)
  • Edward pulled a Mamoru (aka Darien) from Sailormoon R. Insert smirk here.

One thing I really liked was how the werewolves looked. They're just freaking cool. <3 Unfortunately, they have hate management issues.

I still don't like Bella or Edward. Bella has a nice personality, but she's terribly shallow. (You're kinda beautiful. Can you be my rebound guy?)

I guess I liked the movie for the laughs it brought. :)


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