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I like to get the 2.0 relic weapons (at least up to the zenith weapon) for every job that hits 50. My ninja hit 50 recently, so I start the relic quest and am at the point where I need to do Ifrit Hard Mode (HM), Garuda HM, and Titan HM.

I decide to do them unsync-ed with Aslann; he's white mage and I go as ninja.

And this is where SE decided to troll me. )


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I broke [personal profile] aslann's Xbox 360 today. >_> I was playing Super Street Fighter IV, and was trying to get used to Sakura's moves since I have an easier time playing with "fireball" characters (like Ryu and Ken) over "charge" characters (like Chun-Li and Guile). It's a little sad it ended up that way since Chun-Li was the only character I'd play in Street Fighter for the longest time.

Anyway, after practicing in Training mode for a bit, [personal profile] aslann suggested I try the Arcade mode on Easy to get a feel for things. I can do most of Sakura's moves if I concentrate, but I never really tried playing Street Fighter with a real strategy in mind. (I'm a button masher.)

So I started playing Arcade mode and my first fight was with... Hakan, the oil wrestler. Err... >_>

It was tempting to revert to button mashing, but I did use some of the special moves I learned. I beat him in two rounds, and just as I got my score with the winning quote from my character, the Xbox froze.

Um... Let's try this again...? I re-started the Xbox, loaded up Super Street Fighter IV again, start Arcade mode on Easy, and then tried to play again. No good. The Xbox freezes again in the beginning of the fight. At this point I figured I:

  1. Broke the Xbox, or
  2. Someone just didn't want me to play Street Fighter for the rest of the night.

[personal profile] aslann took a look at the Xbox which resulted in the oh-so-famous Red Ring of Death. ~_~ R.I.P. Xbox 360 #1.

Dec 5, 2010 Update: Well, [personal profile] aslann fixed the Xbox yesterday! He did some research online, and cleaned some parts before putting it all back together, and now it's back in action! He said he didn't even have to overheat it to clear the red ring status. o_O So, now I get to continue my Street Fighter IV training...

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I saw this at Kotaku after [ profile] aslan294 showed it to me. I don't remember the show very well, but I do remember enjoying it. Pretty sad that this happened; hope the person who did this gets caught!

Yes, I'm aware that the article indicates that odd things were happening with the writer, but that doesn't excuse the fact that he was killed! Also, the implication that his arm was cut off before he died? I wouldn't wish that on anyone.


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